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Handy 72" Monopod + 13" Rugged Flexible Tripod Bundle for Olympus FE-5040 - Portable Tripod, Flexible legs Camera Support

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*Versatile 72" Monopod w/Quick Release + 13" Rugged Flex Tripod Deluxe Bundle*

The iSnapPhoto Flexible Tripod is a practical tripod with bendable legs and 360-degree
rotation for optimal maneuverability. It screws the camera in for quick release and secure handeling.
easily and a sturdy grip that provides extra gripping power to most surfaces. It is designed to hold
all manual and digital SLR cameras and camcorders and its tripod socket can support up to 2.2 lbs

* Flexible joints bend and rotate 360 degree to form every possible shape
* Durable, malleable, lightweight body
* Bendable legs
* Rubber body for optimal grip and stability
* Supports up to 2.2lbs* Universal tripod socket
* 1 Year limited warranty

The iSnapPhoto 72" Monopod featuring Steady & Compact Quick Release